Welcome to First Baptist Church of Freer, Texas

Pastor Daryl Hall

If we love God most, we love others best.
— Anonymous - probably not our pastor

Our Characteristics

  • As followers of Christ, we are here to serve not to be pampered, so saddle up.

  • Above all we seek to obey the Word of God and be in His will.

  • Loving others means telling the truth of about sin and grace.

  • We do not bend to culture, we seek to bend to God’s will and share His unchanging message of hope.

  • We have different roles, but every role is equally important.

  • We gladly embrace the name and heritage that comes with being BAPTIST.

  • We have no fog machine and our pastor does not wear skinny jeans.

  • We are not Calvinist. If you disagree, don’t be mad, we probably were predestined to be not-Calvinist.